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Our Ecommerce Plus Templates function just like any other Frontpage Template, with one big difference. You can be up and selling on the internet in a flash as we've added a database for products with support for multiple sections, full admin section for adding new products and automatic links to various payment processors...(more)


  • Integrated shopping cart system.
  • Quick setup and great design.
  • Integrates with these payment processors (please click here), and / or Notification only.
  • USPS Shipping calculations if required.
  • Integrated Product Search Page.
  • Allows for unlimited product options per product, like Size and Color.
  • You can change product prices dependant on product options.
  • Complete online product administration and order viewing.
  • Allows for Weight Based shipping by Shipping Zone.
  • Allows for a hierarchical product Category / Sub Categories, or simple Category setup.
  • "Remember me" option for customer details to prefill checkout form on their next visit.
  • PayPal option integrates PayPals Instant Payment Notification for secure order processing.
  • Advanced shipping options available.
  • etc. etc. etc.

We have put the help and instructions for these templates on the 'net, so they will always be there if you want to refer back to them, and we can also update them regularly based on customer feedback.

Ecommerce Plus Store Template Instructions
Ecommerce Plus Store Template Help
Ecommerce Plus Store Template FAQ

Take a Tour

To have a look at an example of this Ecommerce Plus template in action, please click here or use the Products link in the navigation. Please don't buy anything . . . it really works. :-)

We've provided an example of the admin section online for you to try. Unfortunately we had to make it read-only as otherwise the database gets messed up, passwords get changed and nobody can gain access. This means that on the demo you won't be able to save your changes.
Username: mystore
Password: changeme
Take a tour of the admin section 

NOTE: This template uses PHP includes for fast and simple updating. It doesn't use Frontpage navigation - all the files can be found in your includes folder....(more)


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Scarves Keffiyeh Shemagh 4.80

Bridal Jewelery Sets 39.99 

Coin Earings 0.49

Gold Earrings 7.50

Handmade Earings 0.49

Sheer Chiffon Belly Dancing Skirts 24.99