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Belly Dance Hip Scarves - 12 Pages

Belly Dance Hip Scarves - 12 Pages.

Belly Dancing Hip Scarves with 100's of Jingling beads and metal coins. Over 70 different colors and designs of Hip Scarves. Our Belly Dance Hip Scarfs are made of sheer Chiffon and not cheap polyester like many other sellers. Each scarf is hand made and crocheted by expert women. Our scarfs are great for your Shimmy or Zumba class or just for a dance. We also had a wedding planner designer who bought 250 scarves and used them for chair seat back covers! Each scarf is 5 ft long.

Belly Dancing Harem Pants

Belly Dancing Harem Pants.

Belly Dancer Harem Pants made with sheer Chiffon. Every Belly Dancing Harem Pant has crochet and beads and coins, they jingle when the dancer moves.

Belly Dancing Dress

Belly Dancing Dress.

Gorgeous and glittering Belly Dancing Dress and Costumes. Each piece has a top and bottom which is made of chiffon and then hand embroidered with sequins, beads and coins.

Zils - Finger Cymbals

Zils - Finger Cymbals.

Brass Zils or Finger Cymbals each is 2 1/2" in diameter with embossing and with or without a Nickel plating



Skirts in many colors and styles Sheer Chiffon, Silky Wraparounds, Mirrored and also with Coins.

Wholesale Lots - Order and then email your color choice

Wholesale Lots - Order and then email your color choice.

Wholesale lots of Hips Scarves, Costumes and Accessories, ideal for Dance Troupes and Performers.

Belly Dancer Cap

Belly Dancer Cap.

Handknitted Crochet Caps with beads.

Dancers Veil

Dancers Veil.

Belly Dancers Veil full length made of sheer chiffon with a delicate border. The Belly Dancing Veil measures 42 x 88 inches.

Dancers Sleeve

Dancers Sleeve.

Add elegance to your Dance Costume with a set of sleeves, made of crochet with glittering beads, covers elbow to palm

Belly Dancing Tops

Belly Dancing Tops.

Beautiful Belly Dancer Tops, Sequined Halter Tops and Embroidered Sequined tops in Sheer Net and ofcourse Chiffon Tops.

Silver Anklets

Silver Anklets.

Silver Anklets the Silver Ankle Bracelets go around each of the Belly Dancers ankles.



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